Flair is often considered to be a special or instinctive aptitude, or ability for doing something well, and dictionary definitions describe it as talent, a gift, natural ability, capability, stylishness and originality. But you also frequently find the word flair associated with descriptions of creativity and imagination, and so the title of this year’s catalogue and website is particularly apt for a dynamic and exciting group of new designers.

The catalogue and the accompanying web pages are a celebration of the flair and creativity of our graduating students representing the diversity of the Textiles spectrum: exciting contemporary Textiles practice informed by individual identity and encompassing artefacts for gallery, conventional Textile design, research into innovative materials and processes and the integration of new technologies alongside traditional craft skills.

Each year the graduating students raise a significant amount of money to help promote their work and the culmination of 3 years study, this year with the catalogue, and accompanying web pages. This is the result of an impressive amount of planning, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment and team work, and they have once again created an impressive finale to the course – a credit to their professionalism, marking the end of an exciting and challenging 3 or 4 years at Loughborough.

We are pleased to be celebrating the wonderful work of the students graduating from the BA (Hons) Textiles: Innovation & Design course at Loughborough, the experience at Loughborough has nurtured their inherent flair and creativity and developed their ability to apply these skills within a Textiles context. They have been educated to be inventive, innovative, professional and hardworking giving them a head start as they head out into the professional world.

This is the point at which you, our students, embark upon new career paths, and as evidenced in the catalogue these will extend across a variety of opportunities. We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all the very best for the future, good luck, and keep in touch!

Kerry Walton
Programme Leader for Textiles