Pippah Harris

Co- Chair Woman.



Twitter: @PippahHarris

My final degree show collection is inspired by the beauty of the everyday encounter, where a web of invisible threads is woven by the crossings of the crowd and the intersections we form with one another. My unique combination of innovative materials, processes and hand-rendered techniques truly expresses this unappreciated pattern of life.

Recent works include digital prints for fashion and interiors, inspired by natural imagery and floral themes, hand embroidery and screen printing.

Skills: Screen processing & printing, flocking, devore, Photoshop for repeat prints, Illustrator for laser cutting & basic CAD embroidery, hand embroidery, fabric manipulation, plastics & metal manipulation.


Area Rugs – Andrew Warburton: Website Development

New Designers Exhibition, London.

Interviewed for TexPrint 2011, London.

V.M. Selfridges Internship at the London Flagship Store & Manchester Trafford.

Studio Assistant: Dionne Swift.